Have Patience

Wow, creating a Wireless Internet Service Provider network takes a lot of patience! We’ve now been working on this for six months and it seems at times like I have not made any progress. At least, currently we don’t have anything physical working, however, there has been a lot of groundwork completed.

What has been accomplished:

  • Non-disclosure agreement signed with provider
  • Master Service agreement signed with provider
  • Sales Order signed with provider
  • Dozens of potential users identified and interested
  • Location for base station has been confirmed

What is next:

  • Friday May 18th – Provider on site estimating construction costs
  • Estimate approved by provider (1 Week)
  • Contractor selected to do the physical installation (1 Week)
  • Physical Fiber connected to NOC (network operations center) (1 – 3 Weeks??)
  • Initial testing of high-speed internet (1 Week)
  • Early adopters installation (2 Weeks)
  • Full Deployment to phase I users (2 Weeks)
  • Extended Deployment to phase II users (4 Weeks)

So the big delay could be with the physical hookup, but we’ll have to see. I have an optimistic goal of having high-speed internet by June 1st, but that is probably going to be July 1st if I’m being realistic. That means that we’ll be in full deployment with high-speed wireless capability by mid-August.

Only time will tell!