It’s been a busy June so far for us. June 2nd was our personal moving day. Even though our house wasn’t ready it didn’t matter, we had to be out of our house in Vancouver, so we packed up the U-haul, with the help of some awesome friends and moved our stuff to Skamokawa. Some of it is in storage with our great neighbors, and the rest of it is in our garage or house and we are living out of our trailer at the house.

We had barely got moved in when the fiber was installed from the vault at the end of Pleasant Point Road to our new network operation center. The process was far from uneventful but completed within a couple days and with only a few detours along the way. Finally, on June 14th the new fiber was spliced to the existing fiber and the connection was complete. We now have access to two strands of fiber from Pleasant Point Road to a switch upstream approximately 8 miles away. Each fiber is capable of a minimum of 100 gigabits (100,000,000,000 bits) per second of throughput, which should be enough for our community for some time to come. Additionally, there are another 46 strands of fiber along the route that just need to be spliced together should we need more bandwidth.

Now with the physical path complete, we are just waiting for the actual data to be turned on. That is currently scheduled to happen by the end of the month. Anyone wanting to see what high-speed internet is capable should stop by after the first of July and check it out.