Welcome to The Inn at Skamokawa Landing


Please explore our beautiful suites with views of the Columbia River. The suites are housed in an historic building dating from 1911 built on pilings on the Columbia River. Skamokawa Landing, once an active steamboat landing, has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the U. S. Department of the Interior, and is one of the few remaining steamboat landings on the Columbia River. We're located in Skamokawa (pronounced Ska-mock-away), Washington, which is approximately 3 hours from Seattle and 1.5 hours from Portland.


Skamokawa Landing
Skamokawa Landing


Columbia River
Morning view from Skamokawa Landing looking down the Columbia River towards Astoria with the typical rolling fog from the valley which gave rise to the Native American name for Skamokawa, Smoke on the water


Skamokawa Landing
Skamokawa Landing showing the suite balconies on the right


Steamboat Slough
View up Steamboat Slough from Skamokawa Landing